Encouraging Questioning And Curiosity

Encouraging Questioning And Curiosity in PE “Questions are at the heart of inquiry. Effective learners ask questions” (Murdoch, K. 2015, p.56) Reference: Murdock, K. 2015. The Power of Inquiry. Teaching and learning with curiosity, creativity and purpose in the contemporary classroom. Seastar Education.

4 Generations 4 Education – Professional Development 2018

Worth checking 4 Generations 4 Education for valuable professional development opportunities!

End of the Year Reflection

In the rush of the last three weeks of school, I couldn’t miss the chance to connect with my students and the learning that happened this year. Technology is ubiquitous now days and I am happy that I have got a glimpse from my favorites partners in this learning journey: the students! I created aContinue reading “End of the Year Reflection”

Time For a Conceptual Understanding in Physical Education

We enjoy educating, we embrace challenges and most of the time we do spread the positive around us. We are looking for inspiration in our quest for making the difference and often we  surpass ourselves. We enter the students’ world and we explore mistakes in our lives. We allow ourselves to fail, often, and weContinue reading “Time For a Conceptual Understanding in Physical Education”