Sports Day – Trilingual Students’ Posters

I have encouraged our students to create their own posters in preparation for the Sports Day. They worked in groups and they were supported by the class teachers when highlighting their understanding of essential sports values that we are emphasizing in our units. These posters were displayed in the gymnasium and around the playing areasContinue reading “Sports Day – Trilingual Students’ Posters”

PE Display Ideas

Physical Education is not the easiest subject to organize boards, but is definitely attainable with dedication and  clear purpose in mind.  This year I moved to a new school and thanks to the principal’s vision we have a display policy in place that regulates the way we communicate students’ learning, actions and outcomes. The PEContinue reading “PE Display Ideas”

Encouraging Questioning And Curiosity

Encouraging Questioning And Curiosity in PE “Questions are at the heart of inquiry. Effective learners ask questions” (Murdoch, K. 2015, p.56) Reference: Murdock, K. 2015. The Power of Inquiry. Teaching and learning with curiosity, creativity and purpose in the contemporary classroom. Seastar Education.

Leadership Understanding in Grade 3

We were impressed about the homework that connected with Alex’s unit of inquiry in grade 3. The central idea is: “Leadership can be exhibited in different settings and scopes”. Through the key concepts of form, perspective and responsibility, students inquire about the characteristics of leaders, circumstances that shape them, and various opportunities for leadership thatContinue reading “Leadership Understanding in Grade 3”

Games Are Serious Fun! What About Gamification?

In gamification elements of computer gaming are applied to non-game context with the purpose to increase motivation and engagement of students. “Gamification tends to take the use of game outside of a defined space and apply the concepts to items like walking up steps, tracking the number of miles run, or making a sales call”Continue reading “Games Are Serious Fun! What About Gamification?”

Solo Taxonomy in PE

At the beginning of the year I have found this representation and I spent some time reading about the subject. A few weeks ago I was covering a few lessons for one of my colleagues. I was curious to find out what is the students’ understanding about their presents units. I decided to experiment with SOLO TaxonomyContinue reading “Solo Taxonomy in PE”

Plickers In Grade 1

This week I had an extra session to spend with my grade 1 students so I decided to experiment and use Plickers. Since we are transitioning to a new unit this was a great opportunity to assess for the conceptual understanding of the previous unit and to reflect on its outcomes. It took me almostContinue reading “Plickers In Grade 1”

My First IB Article : Technology and PE in the Early Years

I am very honored and happy  to have this article published in the IB Community Blog. This is the result of a fantastic collaborative work with my students, teachers, teacher assistants and a very supportive PYP Coordinator. The use QR codes with KG students in a stand-alone Adventure Challenge unit in Physical Education is aContinue reading “My First IB Article : Technology and PE in the Early Years”

Injured Student Participating

There are many ways to engage the injured or non-participant students in the PE lesson, but often we can’t resist the temptation to have them seated and to “protect” them. Erika, a pre 4 student, had to wear a cast during the school hours and her participation in the PE lesson would have been limited.Continue reading “Injured Student Participating”