Writing a conceptually transdisciplinary unit

Great professional development opportunity with 4 Generations 4 Education.

Building Communication and Trust Towards a Powerful School Culture

Under the 4 Generations 4 Education generous agenda of events I have presented a workshop that focused on communication and trust as successful elements to construct a powerful school culture. Hosted by the the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, this event was an excellent opportunity to identify, explore and broaden the perspective over the settings we areContinue reading “Building Communication and Trust Towards a Powerful School Culture”

The Journey To My First Innovation Award

I thought I should celebrate my award with a quick reflection about the steps that brought me here.  2012 I receive an e-mail from a colleague and I sign up for a PE technology based workshop in Dubai. I have no clue about technology in PE but this looks interesting. I buy an iPad andContinue reading “The Journey To My First Innovation Award”