PE Display Ideas

Physical Education is not the easiest subject to organize boards, but is definitely attainable with dedication and  clear purpose in mind.  This year I moved to a new school and thanks to the principal’s vision we have a display policy in place that regulates the way we communicate students’ learning, actions and outcomes. The PEContinue reading “PE Display Ideas”

End of the Year Reflection

In the rush of the last three weeks of school, I couldn’t miss the chance to connect with my students and the learning that happened this year. Technology is ubiquitous now days and I am happy that I have got a glimpse from my favorites partners in this learning journey: the students! I created aContinue reading “End of the Year Reflection”

Building Communication and Trust Towards a Powerful School Culture

Under the 4 Generations 4 Education generous agenda of events I have presented a workshop that focused on communication and trust as successful elements to construct a powerful school culture. Hosted by the the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, this event was an excellent opportunity to identify, explore and broaden the perspective over the settings we areContinue reading “Building Communication and Trust Towards a Powerful School Culture”

Leadership Understanding in Grade 3

We were impressed about the homework that connected with Alex’s unit of inquiry in grade 3. The central idea is: “Leadership can be exhibited in different settings and scopes”. Through the key concepts of form, perspective and responsibility, students inquire about the characteristics of leaders, circumstances that shape them, and various opportunities for leadership thatContinue reading “Leadership Understanding in Grade 3”

Encouraging Collaboration and Brainstorming

I have been using Padlet for a while, but this year I am really fortunate to be in a school with a 1:1 iPad ratio. This enables any educator to explore the knowledge and understanding of students in so many useful ways. It takes just a few minutes to record students’ thoughts and to haveContinue reading “Encouraging Collaboration and Brainstorming”

Solo Taxonomy in PE

At the beginning of the year I have found this representation and I spent some time reading about the subject. A few weeks ago I was covering a few lessons for one of my colleagues. I was curious to find out what is the students’ understanding about their presents units. I decided to experiment with SOLO TaxonomyContinue reading “Solo Taxonomy in PE”

Digital Technology Tools and Strategies

Our presentation at the Teaching and Learning Forum wasn’t a sold out event – scheduled at the end of the day, right after lunch – but it gathered a few enthusiastic and curios educators who joined us into fun. I say fun because we laughed a lot, we shared ideas and we even flipped betweenContinue reading “Digital Technology Tools and Strategies”