PE Assessment with Padlet

These are a few steps of how to use the Padlet app with and educational purpose in mind. It can be a quick and effective tool for a pre-assessment, formative or even summative assessment, if well designed in advance. It only takes a few short minutes to colllect information and create evidence of learning inContinue reading “PE Assessment with Padlet”

Encouraging Questioning And Curiosity

Encouraging Questioning And Curiosity in PE “Questions are at the heart of inquiry. Effective learners ask questions” (Murdoch, K. 2015, p.56) Reference: Murdock, K. 2015. The Power of Inquiry. Teaching and learning with curiosity, creativity and purpose in the contemporary classroom. Seastar Education.

End of the Year Reflection

In the rush of the last three weeks of school, I couldn’t miss the chance to connect with my students and the learning that happened this year. Technology is ubiquitous now days and I am happy that I have got a glimpse from my favorites partners in this learning journey: the students! I created aContinue reading “End of the Year Reflection”

Time For a Conceptual Understanding in Physical Education

We enjoy educating, we embrace challenges and most of the time we do spread the positive around us. We are looking for inspiration in our quest for making the difference and often we  surpass ourselves. We enter the students’ world and we explore mistakes in our lives. We allow ourselves to fail, often, and weContinue reading “Time For a Conceptual Understanding in Physical Education”

Building Communication and Trust Towards a Powerful School Culture

Under the 4 Generations 4 Education generous agenda of events I have presented a workshop that focused on communication and trust as successful elements to construct a powerful school culture. Hosted by the the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, this event was an excellent opportunity to identify, explore and broaden the perspective over the settings we areContinue reading “Building Communication and Trust Towards a Powerful School Culture”

Games Are Serious Fun! What About Gamification?

In gamification elements of computer gaming are applied to non-game context with the purpose to increase motivation and engagement of students. “Gamification tends to take the use of game outside of a defined space and apply the concepts to items like walking up steps, tracking the number of miles run, or making a sales call”Continue reading “Games Are Serious Fun! What About Gamification?”

Let the P.E. continue…

The modern Olympic Games are showcasing the best athletes from all over the world, every four years. The new academic year has just started and we will continue to engage, empower and experience for another year, nurturing future new stars in Physical Education. We’ll take each day and make the best out of it; comeContinue reading “Let the P.E. continue…”

Encouraging Collaboration and Brainstorming

I have been using Padlet for a while, but this year I am really fortunate to be in a school with a 1:1 iPad ratio. This enables any educator to explore the knowledge and understanding of students in so many useful ways. It takes just a few minutes to record students’ thoughts and to haveContinue reading “Encouraging Collaboration and Brainstorming”

Concepts Bingo

It was towards this end of the teaching year when I had the thought of a rehearsal. Some of my students still asked questions about concepts, so I came with the idea of a bingo game thinking it is a playful way to revise them. I have chosen especially the Concepts Bingo with Physical EducationContinue reading “Concepts Bingo”