Children – Get Out of Their Way! (1)

Without any further introduction or wasting words: we all have a different learning environment in the present context and we need to maintain high levels of mental and physical health. Step 1 I and my two children ( 8 and 12 ) sat at the table and brainstormed simple exercises that we can do inContinue reading “Children – Get Out of Their Way! (1)”

Say ‘YES’ to PE #FitWork!

The purpose of #Fitwork is to empower our students to transfer knowledge and understanding beyond school’s environment and to initiate meaningful actions that may enhance their physical activity level and change lifestyle behaviors. The first monthly PE homework in grade 4 will be aired this weekend. Initiated by @mrobrienman, the activity is planned by the PEContinue reading “Say ‘YES’ to PE #FitWork!”

Special Play Holiday

Weeks ago, my friends asked me about computer games or applications that I would recommend for children. Without using any searching engine, I do have my favourite ones, as an educator and parent. Usually, our children ask for the iPad to see a movie or cartoons. I do my best to distract their focus soContinue reading “Special Play Holiday”

Power Your Brain

Stimulate your brain with physical movement to enhance its activity. I enjoy seeing my son hopping on the waveboard every morning. The school encourages this practice by providing students with a special park. Extensive research about the connection between the phsysical activity and the brain can be found here.  

Fit’n’Wit Kidz – Meaningful Fitness

Fit’n’Wit Kidz’ is a program designed and planned as an entertaining fitness activity focusing to offer a better understanding of living a healthy lifestyle by students and parents. Fit’n’Wit Kidz. Physical. Education. Fun. ‘Fit’n’Wit Kidz’ is an activity where we practice basic movement skills and co-operative games with a high dose of fun. This isContinue reading “Fit’n’Wit Kidz – Meaningful Fitness”