Effective Learning Experiences Collection

The Physical Education collection is available now for your online sessions and not only. Whether you’re a PSPE specialist or a home room teacher, an art educator or a parent looking for inspiration, I have prepared 20 learning experiences that you can use with your students or adapt to your sessions. These activities target allContinue reading “Effective Learning Experiences Collection”

PE PYP Job Alike – Constructing a Learning Community and Enhancing Learning Through Collaboration

The Physical Education programme at Arab International Academy is adding strength to the educational values of our institution by placing emphasis on learning through play and focusing on purposeful learning. Our physical education teachers are curriculum designers and we are employing the Teaching Games for Understanding pedagogical approach, which emphasizes play, where tactical and strategicContinue reading “PE PYP Job Alike – Constructing a Learning Community and Enhancing Learning Through Collaboration”

‘Stay Curious!’

Last November I have attended Kath’s Murdoch workshop at SEQ Qatar, Doha, an event prepared and highly recommended by my mentor Ali Ezzeddine. I am thankful to my school, Arab International Academy, who supported me to attend the workshop. As a specialist teacher who employs the Teaching Games for Understanding pedagogical model this learning opportunityContinue reading “‘Stay Curious!’”

Writing a conceptually transdisciplinary unit

Great professional development opportunity with 4 Generations 4 Education.

The Becoming Gift

‘No man ever steps in the same river twice.’ (Heraclitus) In the sixth century BC Heraclitus said that nothing in the world around us is constant except the change and becoming. Far away from trying to be philosophical I just had one of the greatest opportunity to experience both concepts today, with physical education teachersContinue reading “The Becoming Gift”

4 Generations 4 Education – Professional Development 2018

Worth checking 4 Generations 4 Education for valuable professional development opportunities!

Say ‘YES’ to PE #FitWork!

The purpose of #Fitwork is to empower our students to transfer knowledge and understanding beyond school’s environment and to initiate meaningful actions that may enhance their physical activity level and change lifestyle behaviors. The first monthly PE homework in grade 4 will be aired this weekend. Initiated by @mrobrienman, the activity is planned by the PEContinue reading “Say ‘YES’ to PE #FitWork!”

Time For a Conceptual Understanding in Physical Education

We enjoy educating, we embrace challenges and most of the time we do spread the positive around us. We are looking for inspiration in our quest for making the difference and often we  surpass ourselves. We enter the students’ world and we explore mistakes in our lives. We allow ourselves to fail, often, and weContinue reading “Time For a Conceptual Understanding in Physical Education”