Effective Learning Experiences Collection

The Physical Education collection is available now for your online sessions and not only. Whether you’re a PSPE specialist or a home room teacher, an art educator or a parent looking for inspiration, I have prepared 20 learning experiences that you can use with your students or adapt to your sessions. These activities target allContinue reading “Effective Learning Experiences Collection”

Toddle Talks

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Children – Get Out of Their Way! (1)

Without any further introduction or wasting words: we all have a different learning environment in the present context and we need to maintain high levels of mental and physical health. Step 1 I and my two children ( 8 and 12 ) sat at the table and brainstormed simple exercises that we can do inContinue reading “Children – Get Out of Their Way! (1)”

PE PYP Job Alike – Constructing a Learning Community and Enhancing Learning Through Collaboration

The Physical Education programme at Arab International Academy is adding strength to the educational values of our institution by placing emphasis on learning through play and focusing on purposeful learning. Our physical education teachers are curriculum designers and we are employing the Teaching Games for Understanding pedagogical approach, which emphasizes play, where tactical and strategicContinue reading “PE PYP Job Alike – Constructing a Learning Community and Enhancing Learning Through Collaboration”

What is Physical Education? Why Physical Education?

We start the year with enthusiasm and we get ready with engaging and fun games. We all do it with passion and our students benefit from this play and fun. But… is this enough? As Pill (2018) mentioned in his article, physical education doesn’t include just the physical nature, but the relations of physical trainingContinue reading “What is Physical Education? Why Physical Education?”