Education. Health. Choice

When supervising my students in the cafeteria I was attracted by some of their snacks and lunch boxes. I thought of the moms or maids putting thought and effort early in the morning while preparing the food for the kids. Then the idea came into my mind: I will take some pictures with these nutritious and good looking foods and I will promote them as healthy choices for our every day life.

Action: I made a few posters and, with my principal’s support, I have placed then on the cafeteria’s walls. We have also promoted these pictures through all the Primary Seesaw accounts and the school’s social media.

Pam-pam-pam! This is grade 2 students sharing with the world their health choices!

You will ask: ‘Are these really their choices?’ And I will answer: ‘This is worth inquiring into and encourage students express their opinions and think about who should do it!’. From here, the learning opportunities are endless, the health inquiries generous and the choices can shape in such diverse ways! What do you think?

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