Concepts Bingo


It was towards this end of the teaching year when I had the thought of a rehearsal. Some of my students still asked questions about concepts, so I came with the idea of a bingo game thinking it is a playful way to revise them. I have chosen especially the Concepts Bingo with Physical Education related concepts of the units done throughout the year.

The cards were done online with a bingo card generator program that any educator can easily find on-line. When the prints were ready it took only three to five minutes to go through it. It is interesting to do it at the beginning of the session since it will influence it but it’s up to you!

With the younger students (grades 1-2) we call one concept at the time and if they have it on the paper they colour it. I let them play longer so a few of them have the chance to call “Bingo!”. They have to provide an explanation of the concept and come up with a practical example.
With the older ones (grades 3-5) we only provide a clue and they have to come up with the name of the concept. They are so excited to experience it this way! These students will be asked to make connections beyond the gym.

For me this is a good way to asses their conceptual understanding at the end of the year while still engaging them in the lesson.
What’s your way of using this tool in PE or in the classroom? Any more ideas about how to spark student’s interest?

Enjoy teaching! Starting soon!

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