Solo Taxonomy in PE


At the beginning of the year I have found this representation and I spent some time reading about the subject.

A few weeks ago I was covering a few lessons for one of my colleagues. I was curious to find out what is the students’ understanding about their presents units. I decided to experiment with SOLO Taxonomy (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes) in order to find more about these groups. The task took around five minutes to complete.

First graders proved some interesting factual knowledge about the topic. Maybe it wasn’t a good call to try it with such young students, but I have realized that I need to practice more when assigning the task. Choosing the verbs that reflect the level of understanding on each level of competence can make the difference on the next attempts.

With the students from grade 3 and 4 it got better. Some were able to express their knowledge mostly at the multi-structural level. On the other hand I was surprised how easy is to identify the ones that prefer to share their ideas orally. Using the unit’s questions helped a lot in this case. This was an interesting way to give them choices when reflecting. I will definitely use it more often with this age group.

Grade 8 students were able to make connections beyond the subject area. I enjoyed reading various perspectives about the same subject. My only regret here is that I teach in the PYP at the moment. I consider this strategy very appropriate for this group if is well planned ahead.

You can find more about John Biggs’ work right here.

Have you tried SOLO taxonomy? What did you find out and what tips can you share on using it better?