Plickers In Grade 1


This week I had an extra session to spend with my grade 1 students so I decided to experiment and use Plickers. Since we are transitioning to a new unit this was a great opportunity to assess for the conceptual understanding of the previous unit and to reflect on its outcomes.

It took me almost 20 minutes in total,  to explain to the students how it works, collect their answers and give them a feedback.

My goal is to reduce this time bellow 10 minutes for the next assessment. Here are the outcomes:

My students responded very well and I will definitely use Plickers in the following situations:

  • In launching a unit provocation (picture, movie, etc.) with the purpose of collecting useful information to plan further steps of the inquiry process. Building from the known and taking the time to find questions for inquiry will be the stages where using Plickers can make a big impact to understand what my students know or what they are interested in.
  • In our formative assessments Plickers will be a great tool to help students gain a new perspective and to check for their understanding over what was learned.
  • Printing their answers will be an important part of their portfolios. I use Easy Portfolio app to export content to the students and parents.
  • In our summative assessments or end of the unit reflections, where students can express what they have learned without peer pressure.

A great resource that I have used is @MrAdamPE and his very useful article on Plickers:

Matthew Bassett @PhysEdApps explained during the Physedagogy Summit how he uses Plickers. He did this in our collaborative presentation “iPads in Physical Education”:

In his website, @rmbyrnewrote a great article about it too:

Leave your thoughts about any other creative ways to use Plickers in your PE lesson. Would love to hear about it and shape them into new ideas!



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