Quick and Effective Video Assessment

One app that is being very useful in my lessons and personal life is Replay. It gives me the opportunity to provide students with real time feedback and to use my time efficiently in school. Spending my breaks to edit movies or select tracks are history now. This app does it all and very fast!

It will process some 40 photos and videos in a free video style in less than a minute. It has a built-in music selection which is essential. The coolest feature is that you are entitled to a 30 seconds preview of one song from iTunes for free.

During the lesson I take a few relevant photos or videos of students performing various skills. I select the files and Replay compiles and completes them with transition effects. As my students prepare to exit the gym, I mirror the movie with an AppleTV on a big screen. We ask the students to observe a specific technique or to identify a concept, and then they can perform a self-assessment, peer assessment or just an exit permit. When focusing on gymnastic element or game technique I often insert a slow motion capture of it. It gives me a chance to have a quick feed back from the students right after they performed that element. I can play the clip during the lesson or at the beginning of the next session to start the inquiry from it.

I use the app with my kids at home, especially during the weekends. It can create beautiful snapshots with the moments we enjoy the most.

Find out more about it at http://replayapp.com.


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