Quick and Effective Video Assessment

One app that is being very useful in my lessons and personal life is Replay. It gives me the opportunity to provide students with real time feedback and to use my time efficiently in school. Spending my breaks to edit movies or select tracks are history now. This app does it all and very fast!Continue reading “Quick and Effective Video Assessment”

My First IB Article : Technology and PE in the Early Years

I am very honored and happy ¬†to have this article published in the IB Community Blog. This is the result of a fantastic collaborative work with my students, teachers, teacher assistants and a very supportive PYP Coordinator. http://blogs.ibo.org/sharingpyp/2014/12/18/tech-and-pe-in-early-years/ The use QR codes with KG students¬†in a stand-alone Adventure Challenge unit in Physical Education is aContinue reading “My First IB Article : Technology and PE in the Early Years”