The Journey To My First Innovation Award

I thought I should celebrate my award with a quick reflection about the steps that brought me here. ¬†2012 I receive an e-mail from a colleague and I sign up for a PE technology based workshop in Dubai. I have no clue about technology in PE but this looks interesting. I buy an iPad andContinue reading “The Journey To My First Innovation Award”

7 Concepts to Sparkle Student Creativity and Learning

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.” Galileo Two days filled with creativity have pushed me out the comfort zone and they have made me re-evaluate my tools and strategy when approaching the learning process. Within a group filled with passion and enthusiasm for this awesome professionContinue reading “7 Concepts to Sparkle Student Creativity and Learning”

Injured Student Participating

There are many ways to engage the injured or non-participant students in the PE lesson, but often we can’t resist the temptation to have them seated and to “protect” them. Erika, a pre 4 student, had to wear a cast during the school hours and her participation in the PE lesson would have been limited.Continue reading “Injured Student Participating”

PE Postcard: Checking for Students’ Understanding

As¬†educators, we are responsible for learning and in order to check for understanding to be useful we need to look for effective strategies in our planning. The PE Postcard is one of the great on-going, formative assessment I use with my students. I believe that the formative assessment serves to improve instruction and to provideContinue reading “PE Postcard: Checking for Students’ Understanding”