ConnectedPE – Technology and Innovation in Physical Education


As a fan of implementing technology in Physical Education being part in any of Jarrod’s Robinson ConnectedPE workshops is a must. I have joined a group of dedicated educators and for a full day we had immersed ourselves into the endless possibilities that present technology tools

Here are some of the most important skills and strategies that I am already applying with my students:

  •  Using Coach’s Eye app in the formative and summative assessment with students aged 4 and 5. I do this by recording them performing a skill and using the analysing tools and graphics of this app. The outcomes can be shared instantly and then exported to their portfolios or to their parents.

Coach's Eye Alex

  • I often record live my lesson with the help of Bam Video Delay app. Students love the opportunity being offered to them to reflect on their own skills immediately. I set a delay of two minutes and that is the exact amount of time we’ll inquire efficiently on a specific topic before we give it another go.
  • CoachNote is another great app that helps us to introduce various activities by challenging our students. Whenever we introduce a new activity I take a picture with the entire set up of the game prepared in the gym. Then I will load the picture in the CoachNote app and mirror it with my iPad on the screen outside the gym. I can start explaining the activity while I edit live and we inquire about the expected objectives and outcomes. We then move to the gym and I can observe the way their understanding builds up.


  •  Easy Tag is another app I have been using recently even with four years old students. It offers to possibility to engage students as observers in the lesson and gives them the chance to experience new roles and responsibilities. I often assign injured students to observe various skills performed by a team, small group or individuals and this can be done by simply tapping on the screen when the skill is being performed.
  • Other exciting apps that I have tried in the workshop and my students love by now are: PopFlux, Bit Breaker and Dance Party.

The present technologies teach our children how to make sense of the world, how to think about knowledge and information, and how to relate to themselves and to one another. Making sure we agree, in principle, with the tool’s implicit messaging is the most important question we can ask at the moment. Being part of an active #pegeeks community on Twitter is one of the best ways to ensure that we facilitate meaningful learning experiences that our students can transfer into their every day life.



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