5 Things I Took Away From Andy’s Workshop


Recently I attended a PYP workshop about inquiry and assessment in PE, led by Andy Vasily. It was a positive experience and I decided to start my blog with the things that inspired me the most:

  • CONNECTING with other PE teachers is an essential step to be inspired by a continuously growing and interactive community. Use platforms such as Twitter to share loads of ideas and resources with teachers from all over the world.
  • TECHNOLOGY in PE is becoming more and more an integrated part of our activity, at every level. The use of iPhones, iPads or any other mobile devices in planning, assessment or coaching is becoming an every-day reality. Since our students are “digital natives”, they will engage better into the tasks you’re preparing for them. Challenging for some of us, but so rewarding at the end of the road!
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is one of the most important aspects in our activity as educators. Whenever I have the chance to interact with a workshop leader and other professionals, I take the opportunity right away. Engage in workshops, seminars, online PD or free online courses to stay connected and updated, never limit yourself to what your school offers you!
  • TAKE ACTION of what you’re learning.  When I learn something new, my view about the world changes. As this new view influences my actions, then this new view becomes part of my actions. When returning to your school from a workshop, apply one new thing at a time to experience success.
  • GOOD TEACHING is L.I.F.E.! And no one could have said it better than Andy and the amazing educators who reflected on it. You can read about it here: http://www.pyppewithandy.com/good-teaching-is-life.html

Read more about Andy Vasily here: http://www.pyppewithandy.com/

Thanks to Osama and the Greenfield Community School from Dubai for organizing this event. You’ve provided a great environment for learning!